The power of you in fiction

The non-fiction narrative podcast about fiction and its very real effects on our lives. The POYIF podcast reveals the superpowers we get through our interactions with fictional characters. We sincerely believe that the goal of the fantastical is to give a perspective on the real. And with every episode we aim to remind our listeners that seeing ourselves in fiction validates our existence in reality.

When we finally got our first podcast off the ground in 2015, we were creating a podcast that tapped into a unique voice that our engineering friends felt we had. As engineers, we’re analytical and like many engineers we’re self proclaimed nerds. Perhaps it was Wilson’s interest in sociology paired with my interest in philosophy or the fact that both our mothers were English teachers, but Wilson and I always had a propensity for applying our analytical skills to fiction. So when we started the Comicidal Podcast we simply hoped that there would be an audience that wanted to hear in-depth analysis of the themes and characters in comic related fiction.


The brand colours and design were slightly adapted for The Power of You in Fiction so we could portray a more luxurious feel that matches the quality of the craftsmanship. The branding weals adopted across the whole look and feel of their website.