american college of applied science

The mission of the American College of Applied Science is to provide our graduate, undergraduate and professional development program students around the world with the opportunity to begin, enhance or change their professional careers in a diverse global society by empowering them with leadership, critical thinking and practical skills that will allow them to affect positive change for society, all living creatures, and the environment that sustains us all.

We accomplish this by providing high quality and technologically advanced blended learning programs through our Virtual Campus classrooms, academic residency labs, real-world practicum and academic research opportunities while subscribing to humane scientific principles of investigation that continue to be our most trusted method of inquiry. Our faculty members are committed professionals who strive to develop the very best practitioners who can effect positive change in the communities in which they reside.


The brand colors and design were slightly adapted for American College of Applied Science so we could portray a more luxurious feel that matches the quality of the craftsmanship. The branding weals adopted across the whole look and feel of their website.