simpson scouting

We recognize that camps and showcasing are tough to come by these days. Today’s climate requires a change in process, a ton of expendable time, money for training, patience, and all the good luck you can create! That’s why we’re working to help a larger and higher rated group of athletes. More “verified” players help college coaches search for the best players available. Be a part of our database, be verified, and keep working. Our FREE offering is called UniTrak.

On the way are inexpensive three-day bed and breakfast camps intended to help coaches, families, and players learn more about what to expect as they prepare for college one day. We’ll help them understand how they match up with what we’ve seen nationally over the years. Currently, our dates are on hold while everyone deals with Covid-19. Stay safe and healthy!


The brand colours and design were slightly adapted for Simpson Scouting so we could portray a more luxurious feel that matches the quality of the craftsmanship. The branding weals adopted across the whole look and feel of their website.